Abstimmung: Welches Thema willst Du beim 56. #EDchatDE diskutieren?

Information for our English-speaking participants:
We put a translation of the topics below the poll.
The order is the same as with the topics in the German version of the poll. The poll will be open until monday, 6pmCET, 4pmUTC.



Abstimmung für den #EDchatDE Nr. 56 am 4.11.2014 von 20 – 21 Uhr.

(Poll for #EDchatDE No 56 on 4.November, 6 pm UTC)

Die Abstimmung ist bis zum Montag, 3.11.14, 18.00 Uhr offen.

(Poll will be closing on Monday, 3.November, 4pm UTC)

Danke für eure Stimme! Thank you for your vote!

Topics in English: (translated by @vilsrip)
1 How to deal with ADHS students
2 Inclusion – encouraging children or discouraging teachers?
3 On verbal behaviour in lessons
4 What pupils attending different types of schools ought to know/be able to do after graduation
5 Organizing lesson materials digitally: Tricks, tips, assistance