Abstimmung für den 133. #EDchatDE am 28.06.16

ABSTIMMUNG für den 133. #EDchatDE am 28.06.16 – Bitte den Tweet, der Dein Wunschthema enthält, einfach faven (bis Samstag, 18 Uhr!):

VOTING for #EDchatDE no. 133 on 28 June 16 – Please just favourite the tweet with your favourite topic (until Saturday, 5pm UTC):

Topic #1: Tablet classes – a try to digitalize education or do they reduce chances?


Topic #2: Open Day  – ideas and experiences


Topic #3: How can proposals of KMK-draft be implemented in schools?

[KMK: Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in Germany]


Topic #4: Appreciation for education and educators


Topic #5: Work-life-balance for teachers and learner: resources, ideas, possibilities



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