Abstimmung für den 169. #EDchatDE am 25.4.17

ABSTIMMUNG für den 169. #EDchatDE am 25.4.2017 – Bitte den Tweet, der Dein Wunschthema enthält, einfach faven (bis Samstag, 18 Uhr!):

VOTING for #EDchatDE no. 169 on 25th April 17 – Please just favourite the tweet with your favourite topic (until Saturday, 5pm UTC):

Voting #EDchatDE #169: 1 Is the High School diploma (‚Abitur‘) losing its value as more and more people acquire it?

Voting #EDchatDE #169: 2 Passing the final exam phase without too much stress – tipps for teachers and students

Voting #EDchatDE #169: 3 Back to nine years of secondary education – what is the extra year going to be spent on?

Voting #EDchatDE #169: 4 A culture of error management at school, in the administration, in your profession: Requirements and procedures

Voting #EDchatDE #169: 5 Reading promotion



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