Abstimmung für den 172. #EDchatDE am 16. Mai 2017

ABSTIMMUNG für den 172. #EDchatDE am 16.5.2017 – Bitte den Tweet, der Dein Wunschthema enthält, einfach faven (bis Samstag, 18 Uhr!):

VOTING for #EDchatDE no. 172 on 16th Mai 17 – Please just favourite the tweet with your favourite topic (until Saturday, 5pm UTC):

Voting #EDchatDE #172: 1 ‚Genuine and serious interest‘ – what can I do if it doesn’t show in my class?

Voting #EDchatDE #172: 2 Exam formats at school: outdated, unrealistic – or just right?

Voting #EDchatDE #172: 3 STEM in a crisis? How can school encourage inquiring minds?

Voting #EDchatDE #172: 4 School and business – opponents or partners?

Voting #EDchatDE #172: 5 Schools are in the responsibility of the ‚Länder‘ (federate states) – chances and limitations. Or: something for the dustbin of history?